Life Coaching at SAE

Ensuring the Emotional and Physical Safety of Our Students

Every Day at The SAE School Starts with Life Coaching

Life Coaching is an awesome and unique part of our school! This time (usually 20-30 minutes depending on the grade and age of students) occurs first thing in the morning for our entire student body and is sacred time. Nothing interrupts this time; not even testing! We believe there is no more important tasks that we as educators are charged with than ensuring the emotional and physical safety of our students. Our Life Coaching time and environment is dedicated for exactly this purpose.

The 5 Components of Life Coaching

During Life Coaching, students are organized into circles as they engage in conversation with each other and one or two adult staff members to begin their day. Conversations and topics are focused on these 5 areas:






Current Events


Self Improvement


Serving Others

Our goal is that the dialogue generated in Life Coaching will provide the students with an amazing start to each of their days.

Our Life Coaching Adapts with Age

As students get older (usually 3rd or 4th grade), they will begin to be separated into gender specific Life Coaching groups. Their Life Coach(es) will also be of the same gender. Obviously as this happens, the topics become more gender tailored and specific.

The groups also get smaller in size (usually no more than 10 students:1 adult) as students get older. This helps us manage deeper conversations and relationship building between students:students and students:adults. Also, it is our hope for a Life Coach to remain with his/her group of students for at least 3 years.

At the end of this time together, it is our hope that every single one of our children has another adult who they feel safe going to in a time of need or crisis in addition to their mother or father.

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