About The SAE School

The SAE School is a preschool - 8th grade independent project-based learning school

About The SAE School

The SAE School is an independent project-based learning school located in Mableton, GA, serving preschool-8th grade students in the Metro Atlanta area. It was created by Jimmy Arispe and with the continuous help from many volunteers from the community. None of what is found in our amazing school could have been accomplished without the help of all of these selfless people.

While we are not affiliated with a specific church or religion, our school’s core values are clearly evident by our actions and respect for others’ beliefs, customs, and traditions.  As a federally recognized 501(c)3 non-profit organization, we are solely focused on the education and development of our children.

Why Was The SAE School Created?

The SAE School was created for all students who struggle in traditional school settings. We expect our kids to talk to each other, ask questions, move around, fidget, be comfortable while learning, and to have an awesome time at school every single day. School should be fun for gosh sakes!

– Jimmy Arispe, Founding CEO/Head of Schools

The SAE School is a Project-Based Learning School

SAE 3rd grade students researching for a school project.