Progression of Learning

Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Project-Based Learning, Literacy & Foundational Skills
Progression of Learning at The SAE School

The graphic below illustrates how we are focused on the learning of our students at the various grade and age levels as a student progresses through our school.

Beginning with the end in mind, when our students graduate from our school as high school seniors, they will have created a product, machine, application, or some other significant “invention” that solves a problem, makes a job easier, or improves their community. They can then take this with them to college and make it better or carry it into the marketplace and begin their path to entrepreneurship.

At the beginning of this journey – the Preschool and Primary levels – there is no more important task for us than the Reading/Literacy skills of our students. It is our opinion and philosophy that our students must become excellent readers in order to become successful students and adults.

In the Lower and Upper School levels, our students are immersed in Project-Based Learning and integrating content learning standards into the creation of products that demonstrate their acquired knowledge. Rather than asking students to memorize facts, data, or information to then regurgitate it on a test, our students are producing meaningful projects that incorporate their understanding of various standards in a meaningful project of interest to them.


I have no intention of moving my family out of Southern Cobb County. I want for my son what any parent wants for their child - to attend schools that are academically challenging and safe. For our small family of three, we only have one shot at getting this right, and will. I will build it for him here in this community, with your guidance and support.
Jimmy Arispe
Founding SAE School Parent