The SAE School Offers an Open Admission Process
The SAE School Admissions

Another unique characteristic of The SAE School is our open admissions process. This means, depending on availability, students may be accepted for the current school year and regardless of the time of year. Additionally, we accept applications throughout the year for the following academic year.

The admissions process starts with a visit to the school and a tour. Families then submit a Student Application, Learner Profile and any other relevant documents. At least one Teacher Recommendation is required, as well as the student’s transcripts for the last 2-3 years.

Our admissions team assesses the student application and corresponding documents and then schedules shadowing dates based on available space in the appropriate classrooms.

Hands on learning is key to better preschool education

Why was The SAE School created?

The SAE School was created for all students who struggle in traditional school settings. We expect our kids to talk to each other, ask questions, move around, fidget, be comfortable while learning, and to have an awesome time at school every single day. School should be fun for gosh sakes!

– Jimmy Arispe, Founding CEO/Head of Schools