Basketball, Soccer, Cheerleading, Martial Arts, and Club Sports

The SAE School believes that physical fitness is a critical component of our students’ development. All students are enrolled in P.E. and/or Martial Arts and encouraged to participate in extracurricular sports activities. Our students participate in various sports such as cheerleading, basketball, running club, sparring, cheerleading, and tennis. We will continue to add additional sports based on the interests of our students and compete against other independent schools when its in the best interest of our student athletes and school.

Cheerleading in mableton ga school.

Why is our school great for children?

At our school, it is our responsibility to figure out what a child can be GREAT at and to help cultivate that GREATNESS. Every child is unique, different, and has a very specific life path. What will be your GREATNESS?!

– Jimmy Arispe, Founding Principal of the most awesomest school on the planet!