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6688 Mableton Parkway, Mableton, GA 30126


 678-239-3200 (Main)

Why Was the SAE School Created?

I want for my son what any parent wants for their child – to attend a school which is safe, where the teachers motivate him, challenge and push him beyond what he believes he can do, and allows him to have fun. We have teachers who love on our kids, keep expectations high for our students, and treat every one of them as their own. Our school is unlike any other and we are darn proud of this. Our students apply and demonstrate their learning in real-life applications, or by constructing projects, or creating a product or business. We care about what our students can do, how they treat others, and what impact they have on our world; not how they perform on a meaningless test. Our students will become GREAT!

Jimmy Arispe
Founding SAE School Parent