We know you have been unexpectedly thrust into a situation that is nontraditional and somewhat different. We recognize that it is not easy for any family, and you have had to make adjustments to ensure your child receives continuous instruction, while also maintaining the responsibilities of your careers, as well managing the household. Our teachers are dedicated to making remote learning as seamless as possible while maintaining quality instruction. To do this, our focus moving forward is to increase the amount of face-time between teachers and students by conducting more live instructional classes and individual learning sessions. The teachers will be contacting you to advise of any schedule changes that have been made for your academic family. We appreciate your patience as we make informed adjustments to our instructional process, and we thank you as you continue to support your child and engage with our school community. Please know we are grateful. We are committed to providing the time, effort, and resources of The SAE School staff and administration to ensure our students have the robust access to learning they deserve, even during these unprecedented times.