While we have no confirmed cases of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) at our school, we still want to be cautious in limiting any possible exposure. To that end, below are protocols we will follow to ensure we are providing the safest environment possible for our students, staff, and families while in our care, as well as things you can do at home to help.

Pick-up/Drop-off Protocols
* K-8 grade – Parents do not enter the building; stop at the front door or use carpool.
* Ages 3-4 – Parents can enter the building, but will stop at the classroom door where the teacher will escort the child into the classroom. Bags and other child belongings will be left at a designated area just inside the classroom door.
* Ages 1-2 – Parents can enter the building, but will stop at the classroom door where the teacher will either escort the child into the classroom, or you can hand the child off to the teacher. Bags and other child belongings will be left at a designated area just inside the classroom door.
* Infants – Parents are allowed inside the classroom to get their child and belongings situated during drop off and pick-up.
* (K-8) If you are picking up prior to normal dismissal time (3:45), please call ahead so we can have the student in the office and ready to go. Ms.Indy or another staff member will buzz you in upon arrival. Please remain in the front sign-in/out area. If you pick-up without calling, you will be buzzed in the front door to sign your child out. An office staff member will meet you at the second double to ask who you are picking up. Then we will call the student down to the front office for dismissal. Again, please remain in the front area. Preschool parents are allowed to enter, but please use the hand sanitizer located in the front. Then follow the guidelines for your child’s age stated above.

While hand-washing is the preferred method of sanitizing, we know this may not be an available option once you enter the building, therefore hand sanitizer will be available at the front door next to the sign-in folder.

Daily Cleaning/Disinfecting:
The custodian and administrative staff have been working to clean and disinfect restrooms and other common high-touch areas throughout the day which include door handles, staircase railings, technology room keyboards, and the cafeteria. Teachers are consistently and purposefully cleaning/wiping common classrooms items, such as tables, chairs, door handles/frames, cubbies, electronic devices, small dry-erase boards, pencils and markers, etc. Staff will continue to be provided with a spray bottle of disinfectant to be used as needed in classrooms, offices, and common areas.

Hygiene Practices:
Please know our staff is reminding students to be mindful of important hygiene practices such as hand-washing and coughing into an elbow (rather than a hand). I encourage all families to have the same conversations at home. If you or your child develop any symptoms associated with the coronavirus (fever, cough, shortness of breath, or any flu-like symptoms) please do not come to the school or bring your child to school. Although, we do ask the you report this information to us so we can make an informed decision regarding the health and safety of our students and staff.

As stated in my previous email, this is a fluid situation and the administrative team will continue to meet each day to make decisions that we feel are best for our school community. While we are located in Cobb County, we are not a part of the Cobb County School System and operate with our own unique circumstances, thus our decisions may not fall in line with theirs. At this time we will remain open unless or until a different set of circumstances dictate that we close. We will continue to communicate with you to ensure that you have the most updated information regarding any changes in our current plans. Thanks for your understanding.


Desmond Bobbett
The SAE School