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The SAE Preschool Serves Infants Through PreK4

Letter from the Director of The Early Learning Center Preschool

Dear Preschool Parent,

Welcome to The SAE Preschool! We are delighted that your family has chosen our school for your child’s care and early childhood education. We believe that, as a partner in your child’s development, we have a primary responsibility to support and promote your child’s growth and self­-esteem. You have put your trust in our hands as educators and we promise to respect, honor and protect this trust.

The purpose of this web page is to provide you with necessary and important information about The SAE Preschool philosophies and programs.  We will do everything possible to provide you with the quality care and education your child needs and deserves.

We truly appreciate you considering to send your child to our school. 

The SAE Preschool serves infants through PreK4. Its initial purpose was to serve our teachers’ children and has expanded over the last three years to include siblings and families seeking an earlier entry into our school. In each preschool classroom there are two teachers – one native English speaker and one native Spanish speaker. All of our classroom ratios are below the state limit and other area preschools, as we believe we can serve our students better by limiting class sizes to developmentally appropriate groups. Our status as a non-profit allows us to make decisions that focus on our students rather than on the profitability of our program. What is best for the students is always our highest priority. After all, they are our children, too! We thank you for letting us be a small part of their lives and entrusting us with their learning.

Preschool Curriculum

The Creative Curriculum® for Preschool provides both The Foundation and Daily Resources to
create a cohesive curriculum that supports teachers every step of the way throughout the
year. The Foundation is the knowledge base of the curriculum, with detailed information
about the most current research and best practices in early childhood education. The
Teaching Guides, a component of the Daily Resources, offer daily plans to help teachers
provide individualized instruction for every child and organize and manage every moment
of their day all year long.

For more information:  Teaching Strategies


The SAE infant room is more than just a daycare.  We focus on keeping your baby happy, engaged and secure.  Infants as young as eight weeks old are involved with stimulating, hands-on play. Each activity is designed to assist your child achieve developmental milestones while he/she has fun at the same time.

1 Year-Olds

Our one-year-olds (young toddlers) start to experience independence and parallel play in our awesome preschool!  We develop their language by participating in daily conversations and introducing new vocabulary.  The young toddlers learn about the world around them through projects that enhance their senses.  Students begin to show interest in using the toilet toward the end of this transition. We continuously focus on strengthening their fine motor skills by having them use utensils during meal times and also introduce them to healthy habits, such as hand-washing.

2 Year-Olds

In preschool, play is learning and learning is play.

As our students begin the transition from young toddlers to two year olds, they are becoming more independent and are sponges for information and their immediate surroundings. Students create projects that help them gain an understanding of the way things work and why things happen. They receive continuous opportunities throughout each day for name recognition, the alphabet, and number sense activities. We incorporate all areas of learning to ensure a well-rounded curriculum. We focus on toilet training and self-help skills to promote a growing independence.

3 Year-Olds

In the 3-year-old classroom, students begin to write with meaning.  They focus heavily on letter sounds and formation, as well as numbers.  The students begin to engage in group work as they are introduced to project rubrics and designs.  The students are given daily opportunities to build strong communication and self-expression skills through presenting their projects and doing daily jobs such as calendar, weather, and attendance.

4 Year-Olds

For our four-year-olds, our preschool environment is referred to as PreK4.  During this time in our preschool, students advance their skills in core academic areas, such as literacy, math, and science.  They are also exposed to other essential areas such as art, social and emotional well-being, and health and wellness. Students in PreK4 take music, mixed martial arts and music classes at least one time each per week with other staff from those areas, and at no additional cost to parents.  We use a project-based learning approach in PreK4 that promotes academic progress as well as social progress.  Students engage in daily journaling to strengthen their handwriting and reinforce that words have meaning.  They present their projects to help them become more confident in speaking and bringing their ideas to life, while also using math and science.

Two four year olds preschool boys
Two four year olds preschoolers