Early Learning Center

Kindergarten and 1st

Letter from the Director of The Early Learning Center Kindergarten and First Grade

The SAE Early Learning Center welcomes our Kindergartners and First Graders into a world of
possibilities. With a carefully planned scope and sequence that adheres to the Georgia
Standards of Excellence, students will progress through the school year successfully.
Upon observation of our classrooms, parents and students will recognize the sensory integrated
experience that we value. Engaging work and discovery centers are embedded in the flexible
learning environment that honors the developmental levels of our young learners. A print-rich
surrounding, coupled with teacher and student-led activities in each of our ELA, Science, and
Math classrooms, maintains the motivation to learn something new every day.
Students will treasure the opportunity to inquire, problem-solve, collaborate, and participate in
lyrical language, as well as music, movement, and meditation. The SAE ELC builds confidence,
respect, and security as we nurture each of our student’s personal learning journeys.
We’re excited to invite you and your child into the SAE Early Learning Center family, and look
forward to growing a partnership that is educational and enjoyable!
“Learning and fun can be mixed into one!” -SAE students

Early Learning Center

Children of this age are little sponges, eager to absorb life experiences and information.  To that end, the school is a breeding ground for and promoter of exploration, curiosity, questioning and discussion.  We believe that children need to enjoy, appreciate, and be enthusiastic about learning. Because of our longer school day and year-round calendar, we do not have the unnecessary pressures of testing and end of the year deadlines.  With this in mind, our students are taken outside for activities and/or free play 1-3 times per day. The teachers determine what is best for their students, when and how often. The SAE School administration does not.

There is no more important task for the educators at The SAE School than the reading/literacy skills of our students. Project-based learning is secondary in the Primary School, as it is our philosophy that students must become excellent readers in order to become successful students and adults.

We stand by this commitment by allocating any personnel, financial, and physical resources necessary in order for our students to strengthen their reading/literacy skills so that once they leave 2nd grade, they are either at or above grade level readers.

All of our literacy and English Language Arts (ELA) teachers are trained in and utilize Orton-Gillingham strategies and methods to enhance the reading skills of our students.14520541_10209171097827425_823840378509344305_n

To understand more about Orton-Gillingham, please click the following link:


– https://www.orton-gillingham.com/about-us/orton-gillingham/