Elementary School

2nd - 5th Grades Make Up Our Elementary School

In the SAE Elementary School (grades 2-5), we build on the sweet spot between foundational skills and innovative spirit as students eagerly move full speed ahead to reach their fullest potential.  Students are coming into their own as independent learners while also developing collaborative skills in teams of up to four other children. They learn what a project is, how to use a rubric to measure the quality of their project, and how to refine it according to feedback and trial and error.

Elementary School students and their teachers venture outside for activities and/or play once or twice per day at the teachers’ determination. The SAE School administration does not intervene in this, as we believe our teachers understand who their students are, what they need, and when they need it and adjust accordingly.

It is also in the Elementary School that students begin taking the Science portion of the MAP assessment, in addition to the Math and Reading portions they have taken each year since Kindergarten.

We are always excited as we see our Elementary School students beginning to get involved in organized activities, clubs, and areas around the school that require individual responsibility and leadership.

Students in the Elementary School are also encouraged to come up with ideas that will benefit the school and in which all of our students can be involved. No idea is too small or silly to implement at our school, but Elementary School students must develop the plan behind it and present it to their teachers and school administration.

SAE 4th Grade Students