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How Does It Work?

The Georgia Goal program is a No Cost way for you to donate your taxes to the SAE School to provide scholarships for students to attend our school. It allows you to redirect your tax payments to our school instead. In short – you can either give your taxes to the government or you can give it to your school. It is a great way to support your school.


More about the Georgia Goal Program

In 2008, Georgia’s elected officials had the remarkable vision to pass the Education Expense Credit law to provide families in our state with access to better educational opportunities for their children.

Their legislative leadership resulted in what has been described as the nation’s best education expense credit law.

Since inception, the Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program has been leading the way in implementing this important legislation through our ethical, transparent and proven approach.

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Building our scholarship fund helps the school grow. The more students we have, the more resources we have. Even if your child isn’t receiving a scholarship, will benefit from the Georgia Goal Program.

How Much Can You Donate?

Hear from other parents who have already participated and donated: 

Family Spotlight

"We choose to donate to Georgia GOAL because it's truly a win-win opportunity. We get to help the school that gives so much to our child daily and Georgia gives the contribution back to us when we file our taxes. It's an easy and quick process. We're happy to be able...

Family Spotlight

"As parents we want our children to have the resources to excel. Georgia Goal is an asset to any educational community. The more SAE parents take advantage of this incredible tax credit and contribute the more successful our community will be" Be like The Mitchell...

Georgia Goal Scholarship Program

Check out a few of our Kindergarten students as they help explain The Georgia Goal Scholarship Program and how this program helps out school!

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