There has never not been a time when our spirits, minds and bodies have needed the proper care and attention in order to keep us afloat. With the constant changes occurring in our global society today, it is even more important to find your personal zen, eat healthy , exercise regularly, and maintain some form of positive energy surrounding you. This is how we build and strengthen our overall immunity. Our immune system is affected by what we do, what we say and what we think. Now is the time to cultivate a strong immune self and encourage that from others around you.

People have increasingly become more concerned with eating healthier and staying active, even starting new hobbies, like gardening, fishing and crafts, since the pandemic hit our world early 2020. The pandemic has caused unforeseen emotional, physical and even financial struggles among different groups of people- and  folks just need a ‘break’. A break into peace of mind, joy and happiness. I find it very fulfilling when I take time for myself to pamper in self-care. This can sometimes be in the form of hiking, reading a book, writing in my journal, calling a good friend, volunteering at food pantries, cooking a meal from my garden or just sitting around with my family.  These among other things give me joy and happiness. Make a list of those things that give you joy and happiness and discover how to practically apply them into your lifestyle. Building good immunity will require you to think about everything that you do on a daily basis-making sure that the energy you are creating and sharing with yourself and others is ‘cultivating’ and not ‘deteriorating’. We are like plants in many ways, such that we need the proper care and nurture to live our best selves. 

This is a time in our global society to start thinking ahead, thinking about ways to improve ourselves from the inside out, building good immunity.  Ask yourself, what have I been putting off that I can start today? Who can I give more quality to? How can I change myself in a small way that will lead to a bigger outcome? How is my diet? Do I exercise enough? Do I engage in consistent positive energy or not? 

Most often when we think of good immunity, we think of our bodies only. Yet, the body is a system that works collectively with our spirits and minds too. As we center ourselves, in the smallest ways, like consciously monitoring our actions, then we can begin to live more balanced lives-while building good immunity. Finding a support team to assist you with personal growth is key sometimes to getting on the right track. Now is the time to consider everything in our lives and place  more value on those things that are most important and erasing those things that do not build good immunity.  Consider a tree, it wants to be planted in quality soil, where it can get lots of sun, and surrounded by other thriving plants and greenery. It may want to be planted near water or at least live in a zone that receives a moderate amount of rain in seasons. Either way, it wants to live and be happy. 

This is true for us too. Start cultivating and maintaining good immunity for your longevity and as inspiration to others. As we become the change that our higher selves seek, then we naturally inspire this greatness in others. And in my opinion, this is how we create a good immune system for the world. 

Raishlyn N Grant

Upper School ELA Teacher