1. Readability – Readability is a Google Chrome extension that decreases distractibility by removing images and advertisements.  Once these items are removed, the text is customizable (font, size, etc.) to make it easier for each student to read.  The text can also be saved to an account and even sent to a Kindle e-reader to read later. 

2. SpeakIt! – A basic text-to-speech Google Chrome extension.  To activate it, students simply select the words they want read aloud, then either click on the toolbar icon or use the keyboard shortcut. 

3. Lucidchart (app) – This app allows users to organize notes into a graphic organizer,so it benefits individuals with dyslexia.

4. Chrome AT Toolbar – Free Accessibility Toolbar Extension that Offers Support for a Variety of Learning Needs
 This extension is a valuable set of tools to assist students struggling with various learning tasks. Some of the extensions on the toolbar are also available apart from it. The AItype Word Prediction plugin included in the toolbar is not available apart from the toolbar. All of the tools included are useful for students with literacy and vision needs.

5. Virtual Manipulatives by Glenco – The interactive site in which teacher can set by grade level, select background mats and manipulatives desired.

Let’s help our students be great!

Jamil Brown
2nd Grade Math Teacher