I know it has been so stressful for the past few months, at home with young children underfive. Now is such a great time to make a checklist to ensure your little one is on track with development, specifically gross motor skills. Every child is unique with development and may master a skill at a different time compared to other kids that are the same age. Gross motor skills are skills that involves the bigger muscles, which includes full body movement and communication of the core, arms and legs. Things like running, standing, walking, kicking, throwing, jumping, and climbing may not seem like a skill, but they are all part of gross motor skills. It’s very important that we as parents pay attention to these skills, so that we can help build some of these motor skills.

Below is a list of gross motor skills that you can do at home with your child.

4 years

Hops on one foot

Gallops, Runs around obstacles walks along a line, Throws and catches with accuracy

5 years

Balances on one foot for at least 6 seconds, Skips, Swings and climbs on playground equipment, Walks up and down stairs without support.