Safety Procedures and Guidelines:

  • Restrict Access – Access will be limited to the front door of the facility to all persons except students and staff unless there is an emergency.
  • Health Screenings upon arrival (temperature check) – All students, staff, and visitors will undergo temperature checks prior to entering the building.
    •  Carpool students (K-8) will have temperatures checked while in the car. Teachers will wear masks/face coverings while administering temperature checks. The results will be disclosed to the parent at that moment.
    • Preschool children will have temperatures checked at the door.
    •  The thermometers we will use are thermal (non-contact). In the case that we must use atemporal thermometer, it will be cleaned between each screening with a disinfectant wipe. Per CDC guidelines, the wipe can be reused as long as it is wet. This will also help to conserve resources.
  • All visitors, staff, and children shall be excluded from entering the building if they have a fever above 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or exhibit respiratory symptoms, including cough or shortness of breath. Staff conducting daily health screenings will use the appropriate PPE (face coverings/masks).
  • Student drop-off procedures – To prevent a large congregate of students entering the building at the same time, the procedures are as follows:
    • Grades 1-8 will enter through the front door and walk up the front stairway to their classrooms on the 2nd floor.
    • Preschool children will enter at the side door through the blacktop, near the preschool playground. This will also diminish the amount of foot traffic on the 1st floor. In the event of rain, preschool children may enter through the front door and can shelter underneath the red canopy if they so choose. They will get first priority to enter. Parents will not be allowed to enter either door. Preschool teachers and staff will be at the door for student transfer.
  • Student pick-up procedures – We still encourage all K-8 parents to use the carpool line unlessthere is a sibling in preschool as well. We will still maintain two exit areas: the front door for grades 1-8 (second floor students), and the side door for preschool and kindergarten (first floor students). If you are picking up early, come to the front door to sign out. This is for all students, preschool -8th grade.
  • Morning Assembly – Our Monday morning assembly will not take place at this time in order to prevent a large congregate in one space.
  • Sign-in/sign-out procedures – Pens used to sign-in/out will be sanitized with a disinfectant wipe or other means before another person uses the pen. Hand sanitizer will also be present. If possible, bring your own pen. There will be signs to present as a reminder to clean pens after using. Only one person will be allowed in the lobby at one time and a mask/face covering must me worn.
  • Classrooms – Teachers will be reorganizing their classrooms to adhere to the social distancing guidelines as much as possible.
    • They will be removing furniture or other items that are not necessary for the time being. This will help create more space for effective social distancing.
    • Teachers will discuss and practice social distancing routines, as well as designate areas in the classroom specific to each student as much as possible.
    • We may also explore the possibility of having the teachers rotate to the students instead of having students rotate to teachers in the K-8 program.
    • Teachers will wear masks when distancing is not possible, such as when they are providing 1-on-1 or small group instruction. Students over the age of two can wear masks if it is preferred.
  • Lunch and meals – At this time students will be eating in their classrooms instead of the cafeteria based on the recommendations that guide group settings. This will also restrict the number of areas students have access to. We encourage you to send prepared lunches as often as possible, however, school lunches will continue to be an option. Procedures will be in place to transport school lunches.
  • Water fountain usage – water fountains are high touch areas, especially after recess or P.E. Therefore, we will restrict the usage of them to prevent the possibility of contamination. We ask that you pack an extra bottle of water for your child to use when needed.
  • Dragon University – DU will continue but will be reorganized to prevent an unsatisfactory ratio of students in one area, and to be able to adhere to social distancing as much as possible.
  • Sanitize and disinfect – In addition to the rigorous hygiene, sanitation, and disinfection guidelines, we will pay special attention to the following: Surfaces and objects that are frequently touched, such as toys, games, writing tools, dry-erase boards, keypads, and so on will be cleaned frequently. This also includes cleaning objects/surfaces not ordinarily cleaned daily such as doorknobs, light switches, classroom sink handles, countertops, nap pads, toilet training potties, desks, chairs, cubbies, and playground structures. Toys and objects that cannot be cleaned and sanitized will not be used. Teachers will administer these cleaning procedures throughout the day in their classrooms, and the custodial staff will focus on areas outside of the classroom.

For more Information, See Safety Procedures and Guidelines Con’t


Desmond Bobbett Principal
The SAE School