High School

9th -12th Grades Make Up Our High School

The SAE High School is comprised of students in grades 9-12. The path for each of our high school students can be different and is determined according to the direction, needs, and goals of each individual student. We tailor the instruction of our high school students to fit their individual paths and journeys. To help them identify and/or reinforce their path, students visit various university/college campuses throughout the southeast and during school days.

An individual educational plan is developed for each student and may involve face to face instruction, online interaction, and/or internships at any given time. The time a student starts and finishes his/her day can vary according to his or her needs.

In the 9th grade, students begin their journey of innovation and entrepreneurship by identifying the project, product or business that will drive their learning experience during their time in the high school. All of their credits, courses, and learning standards will be woven into this culminating experience. By the time these students graduate from The SAE High School, they will have created a project, product, or business that they can either take to college to improve upon and/or push it into the market place as they become an accomplished entrepreneur. Our students will have all of the tools and skills necessary to be successful in this next phase of their life.

Elizabeth, Mia and Johenny


I have no intention of moving my family out of Southern Cobb County. I want for my son what any parent wants for their child - to attend schools that are academically challenging and safe. For our small family of three, we only have one shot at getting this right, and will. I will build it for him here in this community, with your guidance and support.
Jimmy Arispe
Founding SAE School Parent