After being at school for 8 hours a day 5 days a week a child can be mentally exhausted from a full day of work. But of course, as a Parent you want to know “how can I help my child do more.” Whatever you reasonings maybe it all factors into just wanting your child be the best. As a Math teacher I would like to give you some friendly tips on some ways you can make math fun for your elementary schooler.

1. Make your own board game- Making your own board game can be really fun. Have your child create the game by using a poster board. Measure out the spaces. Then come up your game rules. Rules can include how many players, the usage of cards and or dice. Once you have that much figured out you decide if after you roll the dice do you now pick from a deck of premade cards with a math fact on it and move that many spaces backwards or forward. But either way it’s a race to the finish line.

2. Roll Dice-Dice can be used in so many different ways when it comes to math. Whether you’re practicing addition, subtraction, multiplication facts or fractions, try having students create their own math problems with the roll of the dice.

4. Play math bingo- Bingo is considered to be a classic. But in the Math world it can be used for number recognition first then turn it into solving Math problems to mark your spot. You can find free pintables online by typing in specific topics such as addition.

5. Follow a recipe- If you are planning on making a dish or baking a cake. Allow your child to cook with you and follow a recipe. This allows your child to practice on measuring. And when you’re not cooking try to find a cool science recipe to follow.

5. Math Scavenger Hunt-Scavenger hunts are already exciting and fun. One clue leads you to another, and then another, until there’s finally a prize at the end. For this scavenger hunt, make math problems the clues. So, in order to move on, students have to really think about the problems and give the correct answers.

Ms. Charlotte

1st and 2nd grade Math