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How to Apply for Financial Aid


Important! No financial aid applications will be accepted without an active Application for Admissions on file.  There are multiple steps to the admissions process.  A student must be accepted to The SAE School prior to any financial aid decision. These are separate processes.  Please click here to review the admissions process.

Prepare for your financial aid application by collecting the following documents:

  • your most recent Federal Form 1040 along with all accompanying schedules and your W-2’s
  • your child’s birth certificate
  • report cards for students applying for 1st grade or above
  • any additional documents that demonstrate the family’s financial need

Click this link and complete the Application for Financial Aid .
You will be able to upload your documents here.

Please Note

An incomplete or inaccurate application may result in delays in your financial aid decision completion.

For students applying for the 2019-20 school year, we will need your 2018 tax documents as soon as they are available.  No financial aid determination can be made without these documents.

You may also send copies of your documents by mail to the address below.

The SAE School
Attention: Financial Aid Application
6688 Mableton Parkway
Mableton GA 3016


It is the opinion of the school that, regardless of the marital status of an applicant’s parents, both of the child’s natural parents share the responsibility for educating their child. Thus, wherever possible, both must comply with the filing requirements as stated above.  In the case that the custodial parent has remarried, the financial situation of the stepparent will also be taken into account.  







Requirements for Financial Aid Consideration

  • For new families:  Your child(ren) have been accepted for enrollment to the school.
  • For returning families: You have submitted re-enrollment forms for your child(ren) for next year. You do not have any outstanding tuition, fees, or bookstore balances from a previous year. You are up-to-date on the current year’s tuition.
  • For all families: Your financial aid application is complete.  Copies of appropriate documents were uploaded or mailed to SAE.
  • You recognize that financial aid is awarded on current assessed need. You will need to reapply every year. If your financial situation changes, your aid award may change as well.
  • Consideration for Financial Aid is given on a rolling basis as students are accepted. Applying to the school after February 15th will severely limit the availability of scholarship dollars.

The SAE School is committed to the principle of equal opportunity in education and employment. The school does not discriminate against individuals or students on the basis of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, disability, age, genetic information, veteran status, ancestry, or national or ethnic origin in the administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, employment policies, and other school-administered programs and activities.


Preschool-8th Grade Tuition Rates and Fees

Early Learning Center
(Infants - PreK4)
Early Learning Center
(Infants - PreK4)
Early Learning Center
(Kindergarten - 1st Grade)
Elementary School
(2nd - 5th Grades)
Upper School
(6th - 8th grades)
Application Fee $98 $98 $98 $98
Tuition $11,450 $9,600 $10,700 $10,700
Additional Fees* $300/student $300/student $625/student $625/student
Traffic Officer Fee $100/student $100/student $100/student $100/student
Dragon University
n/a n/a $10 per day or
$75 per month
$10 per day or
$75 per month
(7 am-6:30 pm full day )
(non-academic weeks)
$55 per day or
$275 per week
$55 per day or
$275 per week
$75 per day or
$375 per week
$75 per day or
$375 per week
(9 am-3 pm Camp Only )
(non-academic weeks)
N/A N/A $50 per day or
$250 per week
$50 per day or
$250 per week
(8 am-5 pm Extended Day)
(non-academic weeks)
N/A N/A $55 per day or
$275 per week
$55 per day or
$275 per week
Meal Plan (optional) - Catered by Lunch for Kids Meal Plan included in Early Learning Center Tuition
(Infant - PreK4 only)
Lunch plus 2 snack per day
Meal Plan included in Early Learning Center Tuition
(Infant -PreK4 only)
Lunch plus 2 snack per day
$4.50 per day ordered monthly $4.50 per day ordered monthly
Deposit: A deposit is due with submission of signed Enrollment Contract (provided to family upon notification of acceptance to school).
All 2019-2020 Camps can be financed into regular tuition for $1,500.
*Additional Fees include - Technology, Project, Supply, Physical Education, Martial Arts, Arts and Curriculum Materials


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