During this incredible time in our lives, SAE second and third graders have expressed their thoughts, feelings, and opinions about what it’s been like. The inspiration came from a call that Time for Kids magazine put out to children everywhere. We answered that call.

Our kids have done a marvelous job writing heartfelt, genuine narratives that really capture what it’s like to have virtual school, celebrate birthdays and new baby siblings in a creative way, spend time with extended family members who’ve added Zooming to their repertoire, and practice distancing from their family members who are in the medical profession in any capacity. 
As I read through each one, I could really hear the voices of our students. It was as if I was sitting in their living rooms having a conversation. The power of their words was amazing. We’re going to submit narratives to Time for Kids magazine for possible publication. It’s all about dreaming BIG!

Michelle Johnson

 ELA Teacher