Music has the power to get into your brain without asking for your permission and once in, it can imprint good or bad memories. 

Once in awhile you might hear a song and it brings back a specific event; the feeling, the people, their names, the place, words, phrases, the mood and the sensation of that specific moment sometimes even the smell. 

Therefore, I like to use happy songs in Spanish to teach the children.  I look for a song with simple lyrics with a lot of repetition. It must have the bit of this new generation to be attractive enough for the children engage. 

If you are interest to learn a new language or you want your child to be able to communicate and understand a specific language feel free to research some simple catchy songs on that language and play it in your car, add it to your workout playlist, put it on your headphones when you are having that spa treatment, on your next party or family reunion. Let the music play while you jam and learn.

 Mrs. Natividad Pena