Lower School Curriculum

Foundational academic skills such as reading, writing, and arithmetic are solidified through the Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE), which provide our teachers with a baseline expectation for students to master grade-level standards by end of year.

We also believe children in this stage learn about themselves and others through the world of recreation, so students are allowed unstructured play outside 1-2 times per day.  Teachers have the autonomy to gauge whether to go deeper into a learning opportunity or provide “brain breaks” that allow students time to release built-up energy through movement or time outside. This strategy ensures a healthy, holistic balance to our students’ learning experience.

Kindergarten Project

How can we prepare for, plant, and maintain a garden? Kindergarten students have begun sharing previous knowledge about what plants need to survive and about different types of plants. Standards to be addressed include ELA-composing informational texts and sharing details about a topic; Non-Fiction Studies-comparing the lives of people long ago and now, as it pertains to daily living and obtaining food; Math-comparing amounts and measuring height, length, and capacity; Science-Understanding plant life cycles and naming the parts of a plant and their function. Students will also work to strengthen skills in the areas of planning and organizing, collaboration, conversational partnering, and problem-solving. 


From Our Kindergarten Team

In kindergarten, our students build confidence, learn to take calculated risks, get to know and understand themselves and others, and become skilled problem-solvers. As teachers, we get to facilitate creativity, encourage curiosity, and support the struggles that lead to their successes.

– Jamie Harris & Carlissa Yates

1st & 2nd Grade Project

In this project, students will research, investigate, observe, and evaluate two cost-effective approaches to sustainable gardening practices; traditional versus aquaponics.  Students will create a poster/sign, video, or book that educates the metro Atlanta community about sustainable food production practices to promote health and wellness. 


From Our 1st & 2nd Grade Team

“We all agree that the best way to learn is by doing.  We work to apply this each day in our lessons and activities.  Our students are always inquisitive, collaborative, and hands on in each class. “


– Charlotte Berrien, Shantile Thomas, Michelle Jones 

3rd & 4th Grade Project

 The 3rd and 4th grade Academic Family will complete a total of 3 projects during this school year. The students will begin exploring who they are and their depth of knowledge of the world around them through a Photo Essay Project. This will be facilitated by the teachers, with students choosing to express themselves through pictures over the course of 6 weeks. The students will then produce an Academic Family Website to publish their photo essays.   

For our second project, students will learn about various animals of the world and the effects of climate change on their habitats and lives. Students will choose one animal to research and find possible solutions to the issues plaguing their environment, based on the National Geographic Society. The final product, students will launch an endangered species campaign.  

The final project will be creating a tiny home model for veterans or the homeless.


From Our 3rd & 4th Grade Team

“We believe in “The Power of Yet”. We recognize and honor that each child has an educational journey that is genuinely enhanced by the successes and discoveries along the way. There are no failures, only opportunities to learn and continue to pursue goals and dreams. Our students and teachers experience a learning trajectory, as we keep a growth mindset with “The Power of Yet”.”


– Jamil Brown, Michelle Johnson,

Taryn Steen

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