Martial Arts

Training the body and mind at The SAE School.

Our school partners with Myloreal Anderson and Mikio Surai Martial Arts International to expose, educate and train our students in martial arts.  Master Myloreal Anderson is a recognized Martial Arts Master and Life Coach in the world of Martial Arts. Through his experience and training of over 25 years, Master Myloreal Anderson has earned multiple black belts in several different styles including; Kenpo, Nine Dragons Karate, Samurai Art/Kendo/Traditional Jiu-Jitsu, Taekwondo, Traditional Karate, Aikido, and Hapkido. Additionally, Master Myloreal Anderson is a Certified Instructor in McKinnon Defense/Personal Protection, Boxing, KickBoxing, Muay Thai, and Krav Maga. Master Myloreal Anderson continues his personal training in the styles of Kuk Sool Won, BKF, Judo, and Kung fu.

Our students begin their exposure to martial arts as 3 year olds and in a fun non-threatening manner.  The seriousness and intensity increases as the students get older, mature, and as their interest in the sport increases.  It is our school’s belief and philosophy that all students hit, kick and are active at different levels throughout their young lives. It is our intent to provide them with an environment that allows them to do this is in a controlled and well-supervised manner. Our students quickly learn and understand that there is an appropriate time, place and manner to do these types of movements with their body.

It is our hope that when a student graduates from our school, he/she has also received their black belt. There are also additional opportunities for our students to participate in advanced training after school hours and for additional fees.

Master Myloreal

It is our responsibility as educators to figure out what a child can be GREAT at and to help cultivate that GREATNESS. Every child is unique, different, and has a very specific life path. At our school, “we discover, protect and nurture each child’s journey.” It’s freakin’ awesome being GREAT!

Jimmy G. Arispe
Founding Parent and CEO/Head of Schools