Our School's Motto

"Education and Fun Can Be Mixed Into One."


Our students are so creative! While we adults are so proud of what we have accomplished for our school, our students on many occasions outshine us. A group of four 2nd grade students described our school best during the 2015-2016 school year. On a very ordinary school day, this brilliant group of young soles came up with an extraordinary harmony of words that now help describe our school to everyone, PERFECTLY.

They tore themselves away from their lunches with excitement and ran up to our Head of Schools (“Mr. Jimmy”) in the hallway. What came out of their mouths next was so very magical, poetic and now seems so obvious. “Mr. Jimmy! Mr. Jimmy!” the students shouted together. “Mr. Jimmy we’ve come up with the school’s slogan!” As Mr. Jimmy very cautiously responded to the students for them to share their discovery, he regrettably thought to himself that the discussion with them would be a very normal and possibly brief one as far as conversations with an adult to a bunch of 7 year olds goes. “Okay then. I want you all to share it with me,” Mr. Jimmy responded with cautious excitement. In unison, as if they had been practicing for a yearlong recital of the Gettysburg Address, the students echoed what has now become The SAE School’s motto – “Education and Fun can be mixed into one.” Mr. Jimmy was so excited when he heard what the students had shared. “That is beautiful! That is perfect for our school. You all are brilliant!” said Mr. Jimmy.As you see this motto plastered around our school and in various marketing vehicles describing our school, we always want to give thanks and “props” to this group of 2nd grade students who were bold enough to “dream big” and knew that their little brains and hearts could create something so enormously impactful. “Thank you so very much,” Mr. Jimmy humbly and joyfully said.”Education and Fun can be mixed into one.” ~ 2nd grade students

Why Was the SAE School Created?

The SAE School was created for all students who struggle in traditional school settings. We expect our kids to talk to each other, ask questions, move around, fidget, be comfortable while learning, and to have an awesome time at school every single day. School should be fun for gosh sakes!