We hope you are all doing well and staying safe. Please know we have not forgotten about you. In a short period of time our K-8 remote learning program is working really well, thanks to a brilliant and professional teaching staff, and our eager and supportive parents. Now that it is going well, we want to focus on providing similar options for preschool. Here are some updates and adjustments regarding preschool:

– Preschool is still open and will remain open unless mandated to close. As stated in previous communications, a mandated closure would also mean that others preschools/daycare centers will have to close as well.
– Just in case we are mandated to close, we are making preparations to provide instruction and activities for all SAE preschool children. The instruction may consist of the following:
1. Recorded videos of the teachers providing instruction and directions
2. A classroom schedule of daily routines to help you structure your day
3. A weekly live video through Zoom Conferencing to provide instruction or to check-in with the children (Teachers will send an invite code and a specific day and time to join their conference)
4. Instructional packets and activities that correspond with daily lessons
– Since we are still open at this time, we want to now make these services available for those of you who have opted to keep your children at home. They will now have access to their curriculum and their teachers.

Please know that this is not an easy adjustment and there will be some difficulties in the beginning. We understand that it may also need a little more parental involvement due to the ages of the children, but we firmly believe that our little ones can benefit greatly from this process. We will be rolling out the process within the next few days, and your child’s classroom teachers will be reaching out to provide more information and directions specific to their classroom. We ask that you allow some time for teachers to first implement, then make the adjustments necessary for this process to run as smooth as possible.Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Desmond Bobbett
The SAE School