With the digital world not being a part of the preschool world, our teachers, students, and parents have risen to the occasion.  For our parents and children that were/are at home during this challenging time of COVID-19 it was time to switch gears.  Here at The SAE School, we are not a daycare, we are an educational institute where our children all the way down to the youngest get a full day of education and instruction.  Our teachers are always there for our kids, so why not be there for them virtually? 

Our teachers excelled and it made those kids staying home feel a lot better since they could get back into the routine of learning, those babies are sponges.  Our parents have taken it and excelled as well, it is hard to be a parent, teacher, and employee/employer but our parents have done an amazing job and made our teachers’ job much more successful by marrying two worlds that have never been a part of each other to become one.   

Yadira Moreno-Campos

Preschool Director