The classrooms for each grade level are up and running. Teachers are conducting whole group direct instruction and 1-on-1 instruction via Google Meet, Google Chat, or Zoom. We know the past 3 days may have been a little challenging or confusing for everyone, but those challenges are diminishing daily, and understanding of this instructional process is growing. Parents, we thank you for being patient and resilient in ensuring that your children are participating as expected. We know that you are wearing many hats right now, and appreciate you for keeping the children on task, on schedule, and completing assignments. Also, we are proud of the children for their courage and perseverance in these most difficult and uncertain times. We believe the consistency and predictability of their day is extremely helpful reducing the any stress they may encounter as a result of what is going on. The following link provides guidance on how to talk to kids about the coronavirus (COVID-19) and why it is important to do so.