The SAE School is quickly establishing itself as one of the most uniquely rigorous schools in the region.
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The SAE School is quickly establishing itself as one of the most uniquely rigorous schools in the region.  Here are a few examples that explain why  . . .

College-Bound Culture

Our school breeds a College-Bound Culture. We use every opportunity and focus all of our human and financial resources to ensure that this culture is reinforced at all times. All of our students know that college is the expectation in our school. Everything that our students see, hear and are involved with is related to college and this is the culture throughout our school.

When students are not in their school uniform, they are dressed in a college t-shirt or sweatshirt from their favorite college. When there is a hat day, students wear hats from their favorite college.  The seeds of college are planted early and often in the minds of our children at our school.

To reinforce our College-Bound Culture, the very first field trip that every single one of our students go on is to a college campus. Students take Annual College Campus Tours at the beginning of each school year starting in kindergarten and through the 12th grade.

Having students take Annual College Campus Tours are another key ingredient in planting the seeds of college in the minds of our young people while equipping them with information specific to each individual campus and exposing them to all of the very cool things that college has to offer. Every single one of our students understand that at SAE, through our Culture of 100% and Annual College Campus Tours, everyone involved with our school expects them to go to college. The question is not “if?’ but rather, “which one?”

During these Annual College Campus Tours students are exposed to the major university attractions, visit STEM departments, and have the opportunity to speak with current university students. We want our students to appreciate college life, and the rigorous academic preparation needed to gain entry into a university. Providing students the opportunity to tour college campuses at an early age and expose them to the facilities and programs will give them insight into which colleges may be a good fit for them, what courses will be most valuable to concentrate on during junior high and high school, and the grades needed to be competitive in the admissions process.

Culture of 100%

We set the bar exceptionally high for everyone involved with our school. We continuously communicate the expectation and build a Culture of 100% at The SAE School. This Culture of 100% speaks BOLDLY to our belief that one child not making it to the finish line is one too many. If one child does not succeed then this must be viewed as a failure on our part as a school community.

We are ALL (teachers, staff, parents and community) responsible for these children who trust us with their future. The SAE School Culture of 100% demands that all stakeholders work together to support the school so that we can provide our students with the most exceptionally Safe, Innovative and Rigorous school in Georgia.

The following very clearly and BOLDLY communicates the exceptionally high bar we set for The SAE School’s students and our school community:

  • We expect 100% of our children to read at grade-level by 2nd grade.
  • We expect 100% of our parents to attend school-related functions that impact or involve their child(ren).
  • We expect 100% of our young men and women to treat each other with dignity and respect.
  • We expect 100% of our students to act in a manner that reflects positively on themselves, parents and school.
  • We expect 100% of our students to graduate from high school.
  • We expect 100% of our students to be college and career-ready.

Foreign Language Study

The SAE School offers Spanish as our foreign language program to prepare students for the competitive, global and multicultural nature of college and the business marketplace.

Foreign language instruction occurs as a core subject to be effective in developing bilingual skills, and begins as children are developing their natural language. As we embed the second language throughout our students’ daily experience, they quickly and comfortably build vocabulary across all subject areas. This is paired with focused immersion class time that gives them the grammar skills and verbal practice necessary for a high level of fluency.

For the 2015-2016 school year, a student will be surrounded by her regular academic teachers (science, math, non-fictional studies or literacy) and a Spanish teacher.  This comprises their Academic Family.

MAP Assessment

Measuring Academic Progress (MAP) for Primary Grades assessments for K-2 (MPG) covers Mathematics and Reading.

MPG combines diagnostic tests and survey assessments to give the teacher insight into their K-2 students’ knowledge of core math and reading. Using these tests, teachers can:
• Assess achievement levels of early learners so they can spend more time teaching and less time administering individual diagnostic tests.
• Provide rich information to begin guiding a student’s academic career thereby increasing the chances for early academic success.
• Identify the needs of all primary students and inform individualized instruction.
• Encourage student participation with engaging test items.

MAP for grades 3-11th Covers Reading, Mathematics and Language. MAP dynamically adapts to a student’s responses – as they take the test. The results help the teacher pinpoint—to the goal and strand level—whether or not the student is ready to advance or if and where they need help. MAP utilizes an empirically-derived RIT scale and longitudinal data from MAP to analyze program impact.

What The MAP Program Includes

• Early Literacy and Numeracy, which provide a quick reference for gauging student readiness for reading and mathematics instruction.
• Skills Checklists, which provide teachers with a way to continually assess student’s achievement relative to the skills of phonological awareness, phonics, number sense, and computation.
• Survey with Goals in Reading and Mathematics, which produce immediate overall scores, as well as scores within each goal area.

How MAP Benefits Students

• Allows for differentiated instruction and create flexible groupings of students and informs intervention strategies.
• Provides a true measure of student growth and achievement.
• Gives information about what students know and what they are ready to learn.

Each student at The SAE School will take a MAP assessment 3 times during the course of our school year.

The Student Creed

At the start of every school day during our morning assembly, our students recite the following Student Creed:

1. I will be honest.
2. I will be on time.
3. I will treat others with respect.
4. I will make mistakes and learn from them.
5. I will dream and DREAM BIG!

Also and after the Student Creed each day, our student body recites our school’s mission “to be the most exceptionally Safe, Innovative and Rigorous school in Georgia” and pauses for a moment of “silent reflection.”

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Why Was the SAE School Created?

At our school, it is our responsibility to figure out what a child can be GREAT at and to help cultivate that GREATNESS. Every child is unique, different, and has a very specific life path. What will be your GREATNESS?!

– Jimmy Arispe, Founding Principal of the most awesomest school on the planet!