Running Club

Run! Run! Run!

The SAE Running Club is available to students who are interested in building the strength and endurance necessary for successful distance running. This team will serve as the foundation for building a competitive distance running program at SAE, and ultimately evolve into a full cross country and track and field program.

We strive to create a positive learning environment where your child will develop proper form and discipline to improve speed, agility, endurance and performance. They will progress over the season by developing an understanding of the concept of “pace” and the mental side of running, which in turn will greatly improve their individual times and increase the distances which they can run. We will place an even greater emphasis on good sportsmanship. Our goal is to foster a team environment that will support our youth emotionally and socially and help them build a positive self-image. To this end, The SAE Running Club will participate in competitive running events sanctioned by the CCYTL, as well as appropriate 5k road races.

The success of our program is due to the dedication of our young athletes, the commitment of our coaches and the strong participation of our parent volunteers. It’s exciting to watch the children increase their endurance, develop confidence in their abilities, surpass their own expectations, and enjoy the spirit of competition. It is our hope that kids learn to apply the discipline learned through running to their daily lives to accomplish more than they ever thought possible by working hard and striving to be the best they can be.

If you have any questions about the program please email head coach