Creative Environments

Imagine A Classroom Where Students Feel Comfortable & Motivated to Learn

Imagine a classroom where students feel comfortable and motivated to learn because they have the opportunity to:

  • Sit in chairs, stools or other types of seating that swivel, roll and/or rock back and forth
  • Kneel or sit on exercise balls or balance boards
  • Lie on a throw rug in the middle of the reading pit to do research
  • Stand up at a counter-height table or easel
  • Learn through doing in large, creatively designed project areas
  • Learn at their own pace by working in an independent learning center
  • Hold technology in their hands as it serves as a vehicle for learning

Imagine a room where teachers working together as a team can plan student groupings and space usage based on the needs of children they are teaching. By focusing on our core teaching teams, we are rethinking what a classroom needs to be.

Our learning spaces, as illustrated here, cluster around a central grade level area.

These spaces will include large group, small group, and individual learning areas in both Quiet, Focus, and Project zones so that teachers can utilize space as needed.

Our teachers control the physical learning environment and are encouraged to develop furnishings in whatever way best serves the needs and interests of their students.

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Why is our school great for children?

At our school, it is our responsibility to figure out what a child can be GREAT at and to help cultivate that GREATNESS. Every child is unique, different, and has a very specific life path. What will be your GREATNESS?!

– Jimmy Arispe, Founding Principal of the most awesomest school on the planet!