Based on recommendations by state officials and health experts, we will close our school effective at the end of today (March 17) for our K-8 school population. At this point, we will be closed until after spring break unless recommendations from the health experts determine that we should extended the closure beyond that point. The tentative date for reopening will be Monday, April 13. This decision comes as a result of thoughtful discussions regarding what is best for our students, staff, and families overall.

Preschool will remain open for now to provide an option for those families who need the service. This decision comes based on the need for our preschool families, and with the knowledge that almost all daycare centers in and around the area are still open and servicing family needs. Preschool families, please open the following link to provide us with information on who may need our service so we can provide the coverage needed each day.

Continuity of Learning:

To ensure students continue to receive instruction, the following protocols were already put in place:
· Grades 6th-8th – Continue to work in their Summit platform with close instructional directions from the teachers. Teachers may also use Google Classroom for direct instruction.
· Grades K-5 – Use Google Classroom for ongoing instruction. They may use a combination of live instruction, pre-recorded videos of their own instructional strategies, or videos resources that relate to the topic they are learning.

It is important to know, when teachers post schedules for live instructional engagement through Google Hangout, it is expected and required that students sign-in and participate in the instructional process, otherwise they will be marked absent until the assignment is complete. The direct instruction portion of the lesson is highly important and provides the deeper understanding of the concept students are learning.

We know there may be additional questions as we move forward, and we are committed to providing you with information and updates throughout the closure. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate this unprecedented situation for our school community.


Desmond Bobbett
The SAE School