OMG! Don’t get me started. How many parents have ever heard of silent lunch? That’s right. Your child(ren) are made to sit silently in the lunchroom and not talk to any of their friends because some lunchroom Nazi has taken it upon him/herself to deem it too noisy, so he/she tells the entire cafeteria load of students that they cannot talk to anyone.

I cannot think of a more inhumane act for an adult to inflict on a child than to tell them that they can’t talk to someone while they eat. How many adults want to sit down at a table to eat and not talk to the person beside them? I would venture to say none of us. But for some reason when kids do this in a cafeteria where there could be anywhere between 100-400 kids at a time, there is apparently some arbitrary level of noise that they shouldn’t go above. Maybe they use some noise meter like the ones in the sports arenas to measure these beautiful sounds. 

I have never visited an elementary school that does not use this or a form of this noise silencing system. Middle or junior high schools do not use this because the kids are too old and it wouldn’t work with them even if they tried. Not at our school(s) I’ll tell you that! The SAE School has never used this or any other method to silence kids while they eat and The Academy will never use this practice either. Kids and human beings are meant to socialize with each other, especially while eating. Please inquire at your child(ren)’s school what system they use to quiet down the kids during lunch. Betcha they use one. Strongly urge them not to. 

Jimmy Arispe

Proud Founder of the most awesomest schools on the planet!

The SAE School and The Academy