Special Needs Students

The SAE School program is designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of learners.

The SAE School program is designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of learners.  Beginning with curricular methodology that embraces learning differences as the uniqueness of each child.   All students will find a welcoming environment that empowers them to achieve their personal best.

As it is common for learning differences to present themselves during the elementary school years, The SAE School has created a unique organizational structure through the academic families, teaching teams, and supplemental services to support the individual learning needs of students.  Our model is one of full inclusion education so that students are not put into separate classrooms to receive core instruction.

This structure is designed with the understanding that by learning how a child learns, we are better able to teach them, and they will be better able to advocate for their own learning experiences.SAE 4th Grade Students

A student with a learning difference or disability who is self-motivated to achieve more is typically a good candidate for our school. Our goal is to only accept students for whom we can provide the environment that motivates and supports them to do their best possible work within the existing program of the school.  Any supplemental support required beyond the school program, including therapy programs and assisted technologies, will be at the expense of the family.   Students with behavioral issues or challenges are not considered for enrollment into our school.  However, we do consider students who have academic or social challenges.  Our school has quite a few students who have individual aides and are very successful.  We believe strongly that each child is unique, and we are happy to schedule time to discuss the specifics of your child’s needs.

If your child has an IEP in a Georgia public school, your family may qualify for an SB10 tuition voucher.  You can learn more about that program here The SAE School and SB10 scholarships for students with special needs.


Why is our school great for children?

At our school, it is our responsibility to figure out what a child can be GREAT at and to help cultivate that GREATNESS. Every child is unique, different, and has a very specific life path. What will be your GREATNESS?!

– Jimmy Arispe, Founder/CEO Head of Schools of the most awesomest school on the planet!