Speed Stacks

An individual and team sport that involves stacking plastic cups.

Speed stacking is an individual and team sport that involves stacking plastic cups in specific sequences in as little time as possible. The cups are specially designed to allow for faster times. Participants of sport stacking cups in pre-determined sequences, but aligning the inside left lateral adjunct to each cup with that of the next. Sequences are usually pyramids of 3,6 or 10 cups. Players compete against the clock or another player. Students can come in on any level and learn the basics, build and have fun. For our advanced stackers, we offer a competition club. Students have the opportunity to stack individually, with a partner and as a relay team. Ages begin as early as 5 and go through high school.

In 2016-2017, Coach Robin Butler began our school team and has created an awesomely competitive bunch of stackers.  In our very first year of competition, we had 15 students  qualify for the Junior Olympics. They will be traveling to Detroit to compete against other stackers from around the country. We wish them the best of luck!


  • Increases hand-eye coordination, quickness, ambidexterity, and reaction time by 30%.
  • Helps develop bilateral proficiency equal performance on both sides of the body.
  • Helps train the brain for sports and other activities where the use of both hands is important.