We truly appreciate your understanding in our decision to close the K-8 program on short notice. Your flexibility is proof of the type of school-to-family collaborative relationship exhibited at The SAE School. As we all know, the stronger our partnership, the greater the opportunity for student success, and the stronger we are as a school community. Although the K-8 program will operate through remote learning, the preschool program will remain open until further notice. With that being said, we are tremendously appreciative of our wonderful preschool teachers, who despite this unprecedented ordeal, are here providing instruction and care for the kids of the families who truly need us. To ensure everyone has clarity regarding daily routines, below is information for parents of both preschool and the K-8 children.

– Will remain open unless a situation occurs that changes our decision, or the federal government mandates closure.
– Class sizes are being kept under 10, including the teachers.
– Children are expected to be here at their normal drop-off time. This helps us determine how teachers are best utilized. We would rather not have children trickling in at various times during the day. Please stick to normal routines as much as possible.

– Teacher availability is from 8:00am – 3:00pm, excluding lunch. Teachers will provide their academic family schedules.
– When there is a video conference scheduled, teachers will let you know in advance. Students are expected to join at the time specified. This is when teachers are conducting direct instruction of a given concept.
– Students will be marked “absent” if the following two issues occur: 1) They do not sign-in to a scheduled video conference and 2) they do not complete the work/activities from the instruction of that day by the time specified by the teacher. Again, to be marked absent, both issues must occur.
– If a student signs-in to a video conference, but does not complete the work for that day, by a time specified by the teacher, they will still be considered “present”.
– If a student does not sign-in to a video conference, but was able to complete the work for that day by the specified time, they will also be considered “present”.
– In most cases, daily classwork should be completed no later than 5:00pm, unless otherwise specified by the teacher.
– Please note: Video conferences are not always done everyday.

While we do understand that it may be difficult at times to adhere to the instructional schedules, it is important that we maintain the same high expectations as we do when students are in the building. THIS IS NOT VACATION! Keeping these routines and expectation in tact will help keep things normal for kids, and promotes continuity of learning.

Again, we appreciate the partnership we have built with you, as it will prove to be beneficial for our school community as a whole. We will continue to update you on pertinent information through this process as it becomes available or is deemed necessary. The administrative/office hours are from 8:00am – 4:00pm daily or until further notice. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


Desmond Bobbett
THe SAE School