Please join us as we launch our inaugural annual fund campaign! October 15th through November 13th

The theme for our campaign reflects our school environment which encourages creativity, teamwork, excellence, perseverance and ethical behavior. Together, these characteristics are the hallmark of strong leaders – and we believe that today’s SAE students are tomorrow’s community leaders. This school year you will notice the increased exposure that your student has to leaders within our local community – classroom speakers, field trips and career exploration opportunities. Throughout the year we will seek opportunities to invite others into our school community to positively impact our children.

Join us as we begin a journey to make our school a great place for LEADERS!

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What Is An Annual Fund Campaign?

A schoolwide effort to collect unrestricted financial gifts to our school

Why Are We Launching An Annual Fund Campaign?

We want to keep tuition affordable AND we have many families who are willing to support the school philanthropically.

Doesn’t The Tuition I Pay Cover All The Costs Of The School?

Tuition covers only a portion of the cost. The rest of our needs are met through donations made by others – including SAE employees! All private schools rely on donations from school families, generous private donors, gifts from community partners and grants from foundations. As we look for support outside of our SAE family, it is important to demonstrate that we invest in ourselves also – many foundations and community partners require it!


October 15th through November 13th but donations made through December 31st COUNT!


Our family participation goal is 90%. Give whatever amount you can – because your participation counts! Our board is committed to donating $9,000 – that’s more than a third of the goal!

Donations Will Be Distributed In 2 Areas:

physical space – hydro-seeding the athletic field, pre-school playground shading and the purchase of solar panels. academic enrichment – purchase of science, music and art equipment   We all can play a role by investing in our own child’s education and in our school’s mission to build a generation of academically, socially, and ethically strong leaders that will impact our community. Our success depends on YOU!