Teacher Memorial Fund

The Christy Dowie Moore Teacher Memorial Fund

The Christy Dowie Moore Teacher Memorial Fund was started by Carolyn Dowie in memory of her daughter, Christy. The purpose of the fund is to provide SAE teachers with financial assistance for the many classroom “extras” they often pay for out of their own pockets.

Carolyn, called “Freggy” by her grandchildren and all who know and love her, was a teacher at a middle school in Georgia where The SAE School’s Founder and Head of Schools, Jimmy Arispe, was the principal.

Carolyn admittedly never worked harder in her long teaching career than during Jimmy’s tenure at her school.  At first, Freggy was taken aback by Jimmy’s aggressive and creative style to improve their struggling school, but their relationship grew stronger each day as did their trust and respect for each other.

Despite only working together for a short time, Freggy and Jimmy became lifelong friends and continue to provide each other with continuous support in their personal and professional lives.

Here is Christy’s story as told by Carolyn Dowie  . . . (click the image to read):

Teacher Memorial Fund

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Why is our school great for children?

At our school, it is our responsibility to figure out what a child can be GREAT at and to help cultivate that GREATNESS. Every child is unique, different, and has a very specific life path. What will be your GREATNESS?!

– Jimmy Arispe, Founding Principal of the most awesomest school on the planet!