Upper School

6th - 8th Grades Make Up Our Upper School

Project-based learning drives the education of our students at this level. Students are deep into creating and refining projects that have real-life applications. In the Upper School, they learn to take ownership of their own learning and are held accountable for their progress.

Upper School students are able to access the student management system, Jupiter Ed, to see their assignments, grades and communicate with their teachers directly, and they use Google Docs as a means to create and organize their assignments and work.

Our Upper School students are the leaders in our school. They represent the student body in various capacities around the school and represent our school throughout the community. We look to these students and the high school students to be leaders for the other students and to set a positive example for them.

Students in the Upper School also begin taking electives. They get to choose from a slate of courses that might be of interest to them, in addition to their academic courses. Students in the Upper School are eligible to qualify for the Duke TIP program and, based on their MAP scores, can take the PSAT. In short, they are beginning to chart their course for life after The SAE School.


I have no intention of moving my family out of Southern Cobb County. I want for my son what any parent wants for their child - to attend schools that are academically challenging and safe. For our small family of three, we only have one shot at getting this right, and will. I will build it for him here in this community, with your guidance and support.
Jimmy Arispe
Founding SAE School Parent