As schools across America prepared to go virtual, the upper school students at The SAE School were uniquely prepared to make the transition.  Other schools were juggling with questions about adaptability.  How will we get learning materials to our students?  What about assignments?  How will students turn in work?  How will we give feedback?  

Lucky for us, the answer to these questions was simple: Summit Learning.  You see, our middle school students use an online learning platform, Summit Learning, that houses not only all our learning materials, but assignments as well.  Learning never stopped for our students.  They were able to access all of their learning materials from home with the same ease of being at school.  When it was time to turn in assignments, students were able to submit them through Summit just as they normally did, and even more, were able to receive feedback from us without missing a beat.  Summit also contains assessments, giving our students the ability to continue to push themselves toward their academic goals and finish out the school year strong.  

Since our students are skilled at using technology, we were able to meet from the first day of virtual learning on google hangouts and zoom, so that we could provide direct instruction and meet with students individually to provide the individualized support they are used to in the classroom.  

When I consider all of the challenges we’ve faced over the last several months, I count Summit Learning as a blessing.  The continuity of learning that we were able to provide our students is something that very few other schools were able to provide. 

Elizabeth Lindsey

Upper School ELA Teacher