These days children are increasingly becoming more interested in earning money to feel independent and to practice saving. With the advancement of technology, & children’s unique and creative genius, growing a business can build confidence, develop social skills, and teach valuable lessons about money. In this article, you will discover ways that you can support your child in becoming a young entrepreneur. 

If your child has an artist eye of any kind, he or she can create an Etsy account and sell crafts online. Establishing an Etsy account and maintaining it, can be tedious and will require working on time management to be successful. Starting a T-shirt business can be fun and allow your child’s creative voice to be heard. Children can place quotes, or images on shirts and take special orders. Young bakers can sell their products at a local farmer’s market, or neighborhood store. Older teens who get along well with younger children, can offer babysitting services. Animal lovers can start dog walking, pet cleaning, or offer overnight care. Children who are exceptional at certain subjects in school, can provide tutoring services to their peers or younger children. Lawn services are always needed from cutting the grass, to trimming bushes, weeding or raking leaves- these tasks can be easy for older children. Performing odd jobs for neighbors or the elderly can teach children to be responsible for other’s property as well as earning some change. Encourage your children to explore their inner entrepreneur! Having conversations with your children to discover which ideas interest them. Take the first step and watch your children grow into little CEO’s. 

  By: Raishlyn Grant

ELA Upper School