Let’s be honest. We have all been there. As a parent we have to figure out ways to manage not only our schedule (work, home, personal time), but we have to work out an effective schedule that works out for our kids as well. We have to move past the sticker and chore charts because now more than ever they have to learn how to be accountable for what they do especially academically. Learning how to manage time effectively is an important skill for students to master.

But many students struggle with finding the time to complete all their assignments, leading to overwhelming feelings of stress and frustration.page1image2908622784

To help, I’ve created a list of time management strategies for students of all ages to help students (and their parents), to put the days of last-minute project panic and school stress behind them.

  1. Create a master schedule – Each week create a master schedule down to the hour. Include things such as: time that classes start, study and down time, extracurricular activities and home chores. This creates a layout and a daily expectation on what should be accomplished
  2. Eliminate Distractions – During the important times of the day: school work, studying and even family time, all unneeded technology should be turned off and the student should focus on what is needed to be done or is important.
  3. Set a Goal – if your child has a project or something that the date is pushed to a later time have them give themselves aa goal to complete so much of the activity a day. This helps them avoid procrastination and rushed or unfinished assignments.
  4. Start early if you can!
  5. Work on one thing at a time!
  6. Get plenty of rest – Getting enough sleep is important to help your child recharge his or her mind and have the energy needed to stay on track the next day. Use your master schedule to mark cut-off times for homework each night as well as a set bedtime. Following this routine will help make sure your child has time to unwind at the end of each day and get the sleep he or she needs.

Ms. Charlotte

1st and 2nd Grade Math