What Guides Us?

It is our mission to the be the most exceptionally SAFE, INNOVATIVE, and RIGOROUS school in Georgia.

Beginning in 2011 and in the early stages and days when our school was being created, the founders continuously discussed what principles, statements, and words would guide and define the school. They wanted to make sure that the words they identified and chose to put down on paper would not only represent who they wanted to become as a school but would also keep them focused daily throughout each school day and decades down the road when the school was well-established and a fixture in the Metro Atlanta educational community. After many many discussions and iterations, the following sentences clearly communicate who and what our school is, has become and will always be.

At the beginning of each school day, our students proudly recite the Pledge of Allegiance, Mission Statement and Student Creed.

Mission Statement

It is our mission to be the most exceptionally SAFE, INNOVATIVE, and RIGOROUS school in Georgia.

Student Creed 

  1. I will be honest.
  2. I will be on time.
  3. I will make mistakes and learn from them.
  4. I will treat others with respect.
  5. I will dream and DREAM BIG!

Vision Statement

The vision for our school is to become a national model for what is possible in education through relentless innovation and creativity, exceptionally high expectations and standards, long-term, meaningful and caring relationships, and continuous collaboration with the local community.

Our Purpose

We discover and nurture each child’s journey.

School Motto

Education and fun can be mixed into one! – 2015-2016 2nd grade students



I have no intention of moving my family out of Southern Cobb County. I want for my son what any parent wants for their child - to attend schools that are academically challenging and safe. For our small family of three, we only have one shot at getting this right, and will. I will build it for him here in this community, with your guidance and support.
Jimmy Arispe
Founding SAE School Parent