Who We are

We are a science, art, and entrepreneurship-focused school that teaches students preschool to 8th grade through a project-based learning methodology.

Our Purpose

What We Stand For

To discover, nurture, and protect each child’s individual life and academic journey. This is what separates The SAE School from other schools. We have committed to this purpose and we are intentional about carrying it out.

We are a community of professional educators, parents, and students who believe students should have a fun, safe, and rigorous educational experience that prepares them to be the leaders, innovators, and influencers of their generation.

What We Do


Through the disciplines of science, art, and entrepreneurship, we utilize a progressive project-based learning approach to nurture each student’s learning journey.
We facilitate engaging, hands-on learning experiences throughout the core content areas. We focus on individualized learning. We plan projects and activities with the student’s interests in mind to differentiate instructional experiences. This allows us to engage all learning styles. Our teachers have the autonomy to increase rigor for students with a higher capacity or offer remediation to encourage mastery of standards.
As educators, we shouldn’t be asking students WHAT do you want to be when you grow up; we should be asking them WHO do you want to be when you grow up. It’s an identity question that allows the child to be confident in who they are and be shown the character traits through education that will allow them to live the life and purpose that they were created for.


Georgia Standards of Excellence– ELA, Math, NS, World Languages, Visual Arts, PE & Music

Next Generation Science Standards- Science

Curriculum Resources

ELA– GeorgiaStandards.org, Reading A-Z, Orton-Gillingham, Levelled Readers

Science-Next Generation Science Standards, InSpire Ed, PLTW (Coming)
Non-Fiction Studies– GeorgiaStandards.org