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SAE School Promo Video

Project Based Learning (PBL) as Our Main Vehicle for Student Learning

[wds id=”0″]The SAE School utilizes Project Based Learning (PBL) as our main vehicle for student learning.  High Tech High in San Diego, California has been a major innovator in PBL schools.  The following video will give you some insight into the power of this instructional approach:

What Is Hunter’s Hill and How Can You Help?

Kangaroo Jumper for SAE SchoolThere is finally a safer alternative to trampolines, known as the Kangaroo Jumper. And, we want one! The plan is to incorporate it in our school’s physical education program, meanwhile helping parents, teachers, and students feel good about jump play as a safe component of our program.

But, there’s more to the story. And, you can help this dream become a reality. Please find out more at our GoFundMe campaign for Hunter’s Hill.

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